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To the right, you'll see the 2012-2013 Bishop Guertin profile. Feel free to save or print this for your records. Here are some highlights from the profile:

Bishop Guertin High School is a private, Roman Catholic college-preparatory high school for young men and women of all faiths which draws students from twenty-two towns in southern New Hampshire and seventeen towns in Massachusetts. Admission to the school is based on the results of admission testing and competitive academics. Bishop Guertin is accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, Inc., and is approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Class of 2013: 214 Students

Highest GPA (after 6 semesters): 4.38
Median GPA (after 6 semesters): 3.37

GPA is based on Bishop Guertin grades only. It is the policy of this high school to not rank students by GPA.

Class of 2012: 195 Students

AVG ACT 25.8

Highest GPA: 4.46
Median GPA: 3.33
4 Year College: 96%
2 Year College/Prep/military: 3%

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