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Bishop Guertin High School History

Since its foundation, Bishop Guertin High School has responded to the needs of the people of the Greater Nashua region.

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart initially arrived in Nashua in 1891, following the invitation of Father Millette, to take charge of the elementary school in St. Louis Parish. Most people simply refer to the school by saying “I went to the brothers on Vine St.” It was part and parcel of Catholic life in Nashua in the early 20th century.

In the late 1950s, although a number of high schools for girls existed locally, no high school for boys existed. Bishop Primeau approached the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, already known for their educational work in Nashua, and asked that they take up the direction of a new school. The Bishop drew on the efforts of the parishes of the region to provide the initial land and funding to begin the construction.

Named in honor of Bishop Georges-Albert Guertin, third bishop of Manchester, the school would open its doors in 1963. In a partly-condemned, former orphanage building on Main St., Bishop Guertin High School became a reality. More than one hundred freshmen formed that first class and their stories of that first year are the stuff of legends. Throughout that year, they would trek to the new building under construction and see the new campus slowly emerge. On September 9, 1964, Bishop Primeau blessed and opened the current site of Bishop Guertin High School on Lund Road.

From those initial years, the school has continued to grow and develop, and has always been faithful to that original mission of educating the whole person. In the early 1990’s, the Catholic people of Nashua faced a new challenge as the local high schools for girls ceased operation. In 1992, responding again to the needs of the people of Nashua, Bishop Guertin High School became a co-educational institution.

Today, the Bishop Guertin community is a far broader reality than just what happens within the walls of the school building. Through our current students, parents and alumni, this ongoing mission of the formation of the whole person, in all aspects of their lives, remains our focus and our constant challenge.

Our Mission

As a school of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Bishop Guertin High School seeks to live out the mission of our founder, Father André Coindre. That mission has not changed over the years, even though our ministries have evolved into many forms, always responding to the needs of each place. 
As a Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory high school, we, the Bishop Guertin High School community, serve the young people entrusted to our care.

Building upon the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we develop a school community which includes students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

Together we foster an environment of respect, compassion, and trust in which young people can grow and develop.

The formation of the spiritual, intellectual, creative, emotional, social, and physical dimensions of each person is made possible within a safe, supportive, faith-filled environment in which each person is known, valued, and treasured.

We accept the challenge of educating young people in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and an extensive extra-curricular program, we promote life-long learning that is not only about success for today, but also about formation for tomorrow.

We — young people and adults alike — accept the ongoing challenge to grow as people of integrity who understand the responsibility to use our many gifts creatively in the service of others.

We strive to form tolerant, just, and involved men and women of faith who accept the task of building the Kingdom of God and of transforming, for the better, the world in which they live.

"To rescue young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them a knowledge and love of religion, Father Andre Coindre, in 1821, founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. 
-- Rule of Life, Preamble
In solidarity with our brothers and lay partners throughout the world, we are the continuing mission and ministry of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Preamble, Rule of Life

“To rescue the young from ignorance,
to prepare them for life, and
to give them a knowledge and love of religion.”

Vision Statement

Faithful to the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we, the Bishop Guertin High School community, form the whole young person in our care. Through all aspects of this formation, we strive to develop young people to their greatest potential, especially in their contribution toward the world around them and in their faith in a loving God.
Bishop Guertin High School
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Bishop Guertin High School is a private, Catholic, coeducational, college-preparatory day school for grades 9-12, located in Nashua, NH.