"Faithful to the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we, the Bishop Guertin High School Community, form the whole young person in our care. Through all aspects of this formation, we strive to develop young people to their greatest potential, especially in their contribution towards the world around them and in their faith in a loving God."
~BG Vision Statement
In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the academic program at Bishop Guertin High School provides students with a personalized education that encourages and challenges students to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. Courses are leveled and students are assigned based upon their individual strengths and weaknesses; we do not track or stream our students.

Please refer to our printed Program of Studies for details about the program and graduation requirements at BG.  You may also view details about each academic department by clicking at right.

Course Levels

All courses at Bishop Guertin High School are college preparatory. Students are challenged to develop creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, and to maintain academic excellence and a commitment to Christian values. Placement into Honors or Advanced Placement courses is made by departmental recommendations, based on previous grades, testing, motivation, and the maturity of the individual student.

College Preparatory
Students at the college level possess a good command of reading, writing, and mathematical concepts. Students are expected to have the ability to master academic areas requiring memorization, comprehension of concepts, and application of materials. The students will work toward the development of more in-depth critical thinking skills and study skills. Emerging competencies in the areas of analysis, synthesis, and criticism are a goal.

Students at the honors level are recommended for placement by their teachers. They not only have strong foundational skills found in the college level student, but they also demonstrate self-direction and readily approach a greater depth and breadth of academic study. These students easily move beyond memorization and comprehension skills. They master broad ranging academic studies and demonstrate the ability to transfer and integrate knowledge through various subject areas.

Advanced Placement
Students at the Advanced Placement level not only have all the skills and abilities of the honors level student, but are also capable of comprehensive study, research, and laboratory skills. They are recommended for this rigorous study by their teachers. The Advanced Placement student learns independently and can work effectively in the abstract, outside of classroom instruction. This student utilizes knowledge in new applications while demonstrating a mature work ethic. Advanced Placement students accept the challenge of university level instruction and complete the course of study through mandatory participation in the Advanced Placement Exams. These students may earn college credit based upon the individual college policies.

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