Technology Overview

Bishop Guertin High School offers strong technology infrastructure to support the integration of technology throughout the curriculum, and technology is woven into the BG experience.

All students have access, via a Cisco/Meraki network, to a broadband internet connection, including wireless access available throughout the school.  The school maintains 3 PC/Mac computer labs, and mobile carts permit internet access within the classroom.  Through the school's myBG portal, students and parents are able to access grades and course information (handouts, online assessments, etc.) as well as announcements and school information.  The school also utilizes Google Apps to provide an email address to each student, along with the collaborative tools and storage offered by Google.  Faculty make frequent use of online resources, as well as tools and applications that enhance classroom instruction.

Bishop Guertin has prioritized technology to ensure that our students are prepared for a rapidly-changing world.

Personal Learning Devices

Our goal as a school community is to prepare our students for what awaits them, and the 21st Century has brought rapid technological advances that have changed our world, and education, forever.  A person in today’s digital environment must be thoughtful, a critical thinker, a moral person and nimble, moving between various devices, platforms, software and forms of communication to truly prepare for the world ahead.

For those times when 1:1 computing (one device per student) is educationally useful, Bishop Guertin High School employs a "bring your own device," or BYOD, model.

What is “BYOD”?

“Bring Your Own Device” is a program that allows students to bring personal learning devices (PLD) to school. These devices may include cell phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc.  They can connect to the school Wi-Fi via the wireless network to gain access to online resources.  Our expectation is that students will be using these devices for educational purposes, and their use will be subject to the expectations of each teacher and class.

Why “BYOD”?

The challenge of technology in a school setting is that it is a constantly changing landscape. New devices, new options, new forms of interconnection are created on almost a daily basis. We can be pulled in all directions by the latest fads.  Numerous states and school districts have tried many forms of technology options. Whole state 1:1 programs for laptops or netbooks, iPad programs and e-book adoptions have been touted by many, but these programs often fail to demonstrate results because they place the technology ahead of the educational process.

At Bishop Guertin, our approach is always focused on our students, not the technology. Technology is simply a tool that lies at the service of their educational growth. It is important, then, that we provide students with the option of choosing the best learning devices for their needs.  In situations where a single platform (eg. Windows PC) is needed, the school will provide resources for this instruction to occur.

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Technology Staff

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Choosing a Learning Device

An ideal device to be used in an academic setting should have the following characteristics.
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Has some form of protective case (either integrated or separate)
  • Has an extended battery life, assume at least 6 hours.
  • Has wireless capabilities and compatible software
  • Offers sufficient storage
  • Is flexible with the ability to expand either through USB or other options
  • Should be able to support Flash enabled websites
Some of the basic questions that a user should ask when evaluating what type of device to purchase should be:
  • Will I need to use a keyboard?
  • What software will I need to use?
  • What size screen will I need to have?
  • How will files be accessed?
When trying to decide between a tablet and laptop, remember that there is not necessarily a “winner,” only a more preferable choice for your specific needs. Both laptops and tablets offer extremely convenient and powerful features, but the best choice for your student will be based upon the tasks they seek to complete with the device.
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