New Parent Podcast

Prior to the start of the 2022-23 school year, Mr. Jason Strniste started a podcast aimed at informing the parents of our newest students to the Bishop Guertin community.


As you begin your journey with us, we would like to introduce you to some key individuals here at BG and provide some perspectives to you about what your child may experience. We are introducing the New Parent Podcast which will include interviews with faculty, staff, and administrators here at Bishop Guertin. New episodes (about 30 minutes each) will be released throughout August and September. 


EPISODE 1: Technology at Bishop Guertin

The first episode focuses on technology as you and your student are getting up and running on our systems. In this episode, Mr. Strniste interviews Mr. Aaron Fitzgibbons, Director of Information Technology, Ms. Ellen Gillis, Registrar, and Mr. Dan Gurall, Vice Principal.


EPISODES 2 and 3: The Freshman Experience
Episode 2

Episode 3

Our next two episodes will focus on the freshman experience, especially the academic and social aspects. Mrs. Bethany Prunier, English Department Chair, Mrs. Brenda Poznanski, Director of School Counseling and Admission, and Mr. Dan Gurall, Vice Principal join Mr. Strniste for this two-part episode.


EPISODES 4 and 5: The Student Formation
The fourth episode of the New Parent Podcast is the first half of a conversation with Mr. Robert Forrester, Dean of Student Formation.  We discuss his role in the whole-person formation of students, as well as key expectations of the school.
Episode 4
Episode 5


EPISODES 6 and 7: Partnership
The sixth and seventh episodes make up a two-part conversation between Mrs. Poznanski, Mr. Forrester, and Mr. Strniste regarding the partnership between the school and the parent.

This episode refers to two important documents that you can download for reference: Hopes for Our Graduates and Principles of Partnership.
Episode 6
Episode 7