BG academics are challenging for a reason.


We believe learning should be about discovery and adventure, but it shouldn’t necessarily be easy. The fact that our academic program is challenging is what makes it great. We offer a rigorous, personalized, values-based education enhanced with a range of options, giving students the freedom to discover their best selves.


BG academics are customized.


Because we get to know every student, we make sure you’re tackling the level of academic challenge that’s right for you. You might take standard college-prep classes or Advanced Placement courses. You might even qualify for Catholic Bioethics Honors, the only high school course of its kind in New Hampshire. You’ll have to earn your grades here, but we’ll make sure you’re prepared, for college and for life—intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 


BG students work hard and have fun.


Whether solving an equation, writing a personal essay, collecting pond specimens for an environmental science lab, or visiting a Mosque or Synagogue for a theology project, you won’t just learn facts and figures—you’ll put what you learn to work. In the process, you’ll learn how to think, how to discern, how to put the world into perspective, and how to communicate your thoughts clearly and confidently.


BG teachers put students first.


All schools brag about strong bonds between teachers and students. At BG, it’s just who we are. In every course, in and out of every classroom, our dedicated faculty members are available. And not just when it’s convenient. They truly love what they teach, and can’t wait to share their passion with you.


BG graduates are college-ready.


BG’s school counselors will meet with you early and often. From ninth grade on, they’ll help you outline a four year academic plan and activities that will prepare you to maximize your college options senior year. They’ll work hard to help you identify the college that is the right fit for you. When you get to college, you’ll be more than up to the task. Just ask our alumni. They’re thriving at some of the best colleges and universities in the country. 


As a true college preparatory high school, all students are challenged to develop creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, and to maintain academic excellence and integrity. Bishop Guertin offers three course levels for students: College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement. Course selections are a collaborative effort between parents, students, teachers, department chairpersons, and school counselors. BG is committed to educating the whole person. To this end, we encourage students to select diverse courses to ensure a well-rounded education that will extend beyond the four years spent here at Bishop Guertin.

College Preparatory


Students at the college level possess a good command of reading, writing, and mathematical concepts. Students are expected to have the ability to master academic areas requiring memorization, comprehension of concepts, and application of materials. The students will work toward the development of more in-depth critical thinking skills and study skills. Emerging competencies in the areas of analysis, synthesis, and criticism are a goal.



Students at the Honors level are recommended for placement by their teachers and the individual department chair. They not only have strong foundational skills found in a college level student, but they also demonstrate self-direction and readily approach a greater depth and breadth of academic study. These students easily move beyond memorization and comprehension skills. They master broad ranging academic studies and demonstrate the ability to transfer and integrate knowledge through various subject areas. The Honors level student has acquired the skills of analysis, synthesis, and criticism. It is assumed that the Honors level student has established study skills and can work independently at an accelerated pace, enjoying the challenge of in-depth studies. This student can work with direction on abstract concepts.

Advanced Placement


Students at the Advanced Placement level not only have all the skills and abilities of the Honors level student, they also have the capacity for an intensive and more refined study, sophisticated research, and superior laboratory skills. The recommendation for placement is the result of the student’s previous significant academic achievement and their teacher’s and department chair’s recommendation. The successful Advanced Placement student demonstrates a mature work ethic and the ability to learn independently, work in abstract thought processes, and utilize knowledge in new applications. Students accept the expectation that they engage in university-level instruction, assessment procedures, and grading while completing the course through mandatory participation in the Advanced Placement Exams. Students may earn accelerated placement or college credit based upon the policies of the individual colleges.

Technology at Bishop Guertin

Our goal as a school community is to prepare our students for what awaits them, and recent events has brought rapid technological advances that have changed our world, and education, forever. Thanks to BG’s already strong integration of technology and remote learning during snow days, the school was able to transition from a brick and mortar institution to a completely online school within 72 hours in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, by instituting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, our approach is always focused on our students, not the technology. Technology is simply a tool that lies at the service of their educational growth. It is important, then, that we provide students with the option of choosing the best learning devices for their needs. 

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