Student Life


With students hailing from more than 40 cities and town across two states, we understand that transportation to and from school can’t be a one size fits all approach. That is why our doors open by 6:30 AM and you’ll often find our cafeteria full of Cardinals into the early evening. For students who can’t drive themselves, many coordinate with their classmates to carpool or take advantage of our two morning bus routes to our local communities.



All students who are driven to school are asked to utilize the loop off of Lund Road.


In order to maintain the safety of all students, the main front lobby door and the chapel door are closed to drop-offs between 7:15 AM and 7:45 AM and to pick-ups between 2:25 PM and 2:50 PM. All students must enter/exit by way of the Weight Room, Gymnasium, and Field House entrances. It is also important that the right lane of the loop be used as a stopping lane and the left lane be available for passing through and exiting.



Juniors and seniors have the privilege of parking on the Bishop Guertin Campus on a space-available basis. Registration for parking spaces is now open.



Bishop Guertin faculty and staff members will provide morning bus routes to several local communities for the 2022-23 school year. The cost to each student will be determined at a later date. More information will also be available at a future date this summer. 


Registration must be done at the start of every school year.


For more information, please contact Amy Caito.



The Nashua School District offers transportation to students residing in Nashua. Bus passes may be purchased via the Nashua School District’s Transportation Office and registration must be done at the start of every school year. In the mornings, students ride their neighborhood high school bus to either Nashua North or South, and will then take a shuttle bus from there to Bishop Guertin. In the afternoon, buses will leave BG at 3:30 PM to drop students off near their home.


If you have any questions, or to register for a bus pass, please contact the Nashua School District’s Transportation Office. They can be reached via phone at 603.966.1055 or via email at

BG partners with Pedal Pushers Driving School to offer driver’s education classes on campus. Students who are interested in more information or in signing up for classes, can click here.