Prospective Transfer Students

Each year Bishop Guertin welcomes between 20 and 30 transfer students from all different high schools. We believe it takes a strong and courageous person to make the decision to come to a new school with a more challenging curriculum, different expectations, and new classmates, but we are confident you will feel right at home here. Not only are your new teachers and counselors here to help, BG students are ready and willing to offer any support you need.  


To apply as a transfer student, just follow our normal application process, however you won’t have to sit for the entrance exam


Many Cardinals say from the moment they walked into BG they felt right at home and we hope you will to! So join us for a shadow day and be paired with a current student with similar experiences and interests as yours for a half-day program sure enough to make you want to become a Cardinal!


In addition, the Admission Office offers campus tours and other events throughout the year. These are excellent opportunities to meet faculty, staff, and our amazing students. 

“Before coming to BG I had gone through public schools my entire life. It was a big decision to make and I’m so beyond glad I made it. It was scary coming in as a sophomore because everyone had already formed friendships and I was the new girl coming in clueless. Most people would think that’s terrifying, but it was everything but that. I felt welcomed at BG and it was a very easy transition. I was introduced to someone as a shadow who’s now one of my best friends, and she introduced me to the people who I’ve only known for a year, but I consider family. I’m thankful for BG and it’s warm welcome, easy transitions, support through everything, and the smiling faces I pass by everyday.”    -Lilyrose Blythe