Tuition and Financial Assistance

Investing in a BG education


Bishop Guertin is an exceptional high school…and an exceptional value. We realize that becoming part of our community is a major financial commitment for many families, but think of a BG education as a lifelong investment in your son’s or daughter’s future.


We strive to make a BG education affordable for all those who seek it by keeping our tuition as low as possible through prudent management of our finances and the generosity of our benefactors. Currently, about 30% of our students receive some type of aid, offering more than $800,000 in financial assistance to our families annually. 


BG graduates earn back their high school tuition in college merit aid, repaying parents for their investment. Our Cardinals go on to attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country, graduating in four years at twice the national rate, which equates to a year earlier than the average student nationally, resulting in tangible savings on college tuition and loans. 


As you see your child transform into a responsible, smart, ethical, compassionate young adult prepared for college and life, you will be glad your family invested in Bishop Guertin. 


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Tuition for the 2023-24 school year: $16,400

Annual activity fee: $150 

Annual registration fee: $350 

Graduation Fee (seniors only): $400


Methods of Payment

We will continue to partner with TM (Blackbaud Tuition Management) for the processing and collection of tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 school year. TM is an automatic payment plan that provides parents with a convenient and low-cost way to budget tuition payments. The plans listed below are currently offered. Payment options are subject to change depending on enrollment dates.


New and Returning Families Payment Enrollment:

You will be receiving an email from BG with detailed enrollment instructions to complete your account on TM (Blackbaud Tuition Management). 


Three payment plans are offered:

Option 1: Full payment through TM by June 30. If payment is received by June 30, an early payment discount of $200* may be taken.  Agreement must be in place with TM by May 1st


Option 2: Two TM payments. Payment 1 in June and payment 2 in December. ($20 TM Enrollment Fee applies).  This TM payment plan includes an early payment discount of $50* per payment. Agreement must be in place with TM by May 1st.


Option 3: Ten monthly TM payments from June through March. ($50 TM Enrollment Fee applies).  Agreement must be in place with TM by May 1.






Tuition refunds may be offered based on the schedule below. Students and families are expected to make a good faith effort, in collaboration with the school’s administration, to resolve difficulties and attempt to complete their contract before any refund will be considered.


  1. The withdrawal of a new student before July 20 will result in forfeiture of both the registration fee and the tuition deposit. For returning students, the registration fee is not refundable. 
  2. The withdrawal of a student, after July 20 and before the school year commences will result in the forfeiture of the equivalent of 10% of the total tuition and fees for that year.
  3. The withdrawal of a student once the school year commences, but within the first semester, will result in the forfeiture of the equivalent of 10% of the total tuition and fees for that year for each month enrolled beginning with July. Once the second semester has begun; no refunds are made at any time.


Withdrawal dates


Before July 20

Registration Fee (all students) and the Tuition Deposit (new students only)

July 20 – first day of school


First day of school – August 31


September 1 – September 30


October 1 – October 31


November 1 – November 30


December 1 – December 31


January 1 – last day of first semester


Second semester



Non-refunded tuition is used to pay for unused educational services that were reserved for the enrolled students. The rationale behind this policy is as follows: Faculty and staff invest a significant amount of time and resources to prepare schedules, services, and resources for the upcoming school year months before your child walks through our doors on the first day of school. Also, the Finance Committee must make budget and staffing decisions early in the winter, based on the projected number of families expected to attend Bishop Guertin for the following academic year. In addition, the school loses the opportunity to place another family in that spot. Once class lists are filled in the early spring, families unable to obtain admission at Bishop Guertin find it necessary to make alternate arrangements for their child.




Special Circumstances for Tuition Payment: 

  • In a case where parents have separate homes, Bishop Guertin asks one parent to be responsible for the tuition payment.
  • Outstanding fees not collected by the last day of school may be submitted to a collection agency by June 30.
  • The school reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw his/her child if the tuition fee or other fees are not paid on time.

Parent Responsibility for Fees:

It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the Business Office if there are any problems with maintaining payment of fees on time. Failure to pay fees or tuition in a timely manner can result in:

  1. the refusal to permit a child to re-register for the following year. No student may be considered for re-enrollment or financial assistance for succeeding academic years unless the account is considered current.
  2. a child’s immediate dismissal from school. If any payment is delinquent for 60 days following the due date, the student may be excluded from school attendance and activities.



Parents of students transferring from Bishop Guertin must notify the School Counseling Office of the date of the child’s withdrawal from school and the name of the school to which his/her educational records are to be sent. All financial obligations to Bishop Guertin must be met before records will be transferred to another school. Parents must sign a release form prior to records being forwarded to the new school.



Consistent with the Mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, financial assistance at Bishop Guertin is awarded solely on the basis of need. Scholarships, grants, and financial assistance are available for those who qualify. We promise to work with you to find the right financing solution for your family.


To ensure that awards are unbiased, BG uses an outside, third-party assessor, FACTS Grant & Aid (G&A). Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS each year. Whether you are a new or returning family, you may start applying for assistance on November 1st.



Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, Bishop Guertin is able to provide a number of scholarships for students enrolled at the school. Students are highly encouraged to apply for these scholarships when the applications become available during the school year. 


Independent of BG, the Children’s Scholarship Fund provides scholarships averaging more than $5,000 per student for low-income New Hampshire children.



Income limits for the EFA program are increasing next week!

Start your application today to get the full award amount. Applications must be 100% verified by July 15, 2023.

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