Cultural Exchange Program

The BG Cultural Exchange Program for the 2023-24 school year is getting underway! We will welcome a group of 2students from Colegio Sagrado Corazón, our brother school in Vitoria, Spain, from August 23 through September 5, 2023 (tentatively). During school days, the Spanish visitors will shadow their host student in school or they will go on local day trips. Evenings and weekends will be spent with their host students and host families, experiencing the life of an American teenager.


A group from BG will then travel to Vitoria during BG’s February break, 2024 (more information to follow).


You do not need to speak Spanish in order to host, and you do not have to travel in order to host.


Hosting is a fantastic way to open your child’s eyes to another culture while sharing your way of life with one of these wonderful students. We hope you will consider welcoming one of them into your home. Those interested should fill out the form below as soon as possible.


Each year, many BG families open their hearts and their homes to an international exchange student from Colegio Sagrado Corazón, our brother school in Vitoria, Spain.

Exchange opportunities provide students with a chance to make a life-long friend with someone from another culture.

For many exchange students, going to a cookout, attending classes at an American school or participating in after school sports practice is a novelty, an experience they’ll remember for years to come. We invite you to share your home and traditions with an exchange student and show them what life is like for an American family.

For more information, please contact Sra. Alma Carroll


Please click on the links below to be taken to your proper forms:
Spanish Exchange Host Student Application Form


For more information:
Cultural Exchange Slide Show



The HOSTING Experience

Here is what past host students and host parents

have to say about their experience:



“I hosted a French student from Lyon in March of my junior year. For about two weeks, my family and I hosted Romane, sharing our home and school life. It was sort of funny to learn from her what aspects of our lives in the U.S., however normal to me, seemed similar or different to her experiences in France!”


“It is a great opportunity to make a new friend and branch out your culture.”


“I would definitely recommend this experience to my classmates because I met a super close friend who I cannot wait to see in April (in Vitoria) and hopefully again soon in the years to come.”

“The last two weeks were just a remarkable experience for all of us. I would NEVER have imagined that hosting an exchange student would fill my cup the way it did. [As a host parent] it was one of the biggest life surprises of the last few years – I guess I thought it was a “nice thing” I would do for someone else, little did I know how much the experience would offer me.”


“I would recommend this experience to others…it is honestly a great way to make different friends who live in a different country. I would 10/10 do it again!”


“[Hosting] is a great way to make a new friend and learn about their culture while sharing yours with them.”