The BG Difference

What’s the BG difference? It’s hard to capture in just a few words, but we’ll give it a try.


BG is more than a school.


It’s a community of genuine, caring people who feel like family. It’s the energy and enthusiasm of 

our vibrant campus—a sanctuary where everyone belongs. It’s a place to dig deep, try new things, discover new passions, and have fun. It’s the opportunity to experience whole-person formation…to expand your worldview and express your best self in the classroom, in clubs and activities, on the playing field, and in service to others. It’s the trusted advisors and mentors who make it their mission to help you prepare for the rigors of college. But mostly, it’s the heartfelt relationships and life-changing moments that will shape who you will become. 


BG is a welcoming community.


Our students come from many backgrounds and faiths, ready to take on the world. And just in time. We need their confidence, compassion, and leadership, more than ever. They are the heart of our community, where academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with character development and empathy for others. Our students seek new experiences, in and out of the classroom, and strive to be a part of something greater than themselves. They are artists, athletes, musicians, and mathematicians. They are debaters, computer programmers, actors, guitar players, and student government leaders. They will be your study partners, your teammates, and your friends. They are Cardinals through and through.


BG is for teachers who love to teach.


Our teachers are highly skilled professional educators who make sure our students are known, valued, and treasured. They ignite curiosity, inspire a love of learning, and challenge students to reach for their dreams. They show by example that it’s important to think deeply, work hard, and lead with honesty, integrity, and grit. They take time to get to know all our students, to help them explore their gifts and talents, guide them through their challenges, and make sure they develop the skills they need to succeed in college and life.  


BG is Catholic and independent. 


This means BG can offer what other schools can’t—a mission-driven education rooted in the highest academic standards. We welcome all faiths at BG and place an essential focus on helping young people develop a strong moral compass. As a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school, we build on a centuries-long tradition of academic excellence, grounded in Catholic spiritual development through service to others.



We are students who care about learning, in a place where it is cool to be smart. We are athletes who pride ourselves on our skill and sportsmanship. We are artists, musicians, and actors who share our gifts in a community that supports artistic expression. We are debaters, computer programmers, mathematicians, guitar players, student government leaders. We are your study partners, your teammates, your friends.


We are teachers who care about our students. We inspire a love of learning and the desire to be outstanding. We show by example that it is important to think deeply and work hard. We take time to get to know all our students, to help them explore their gifts and talents, and to develop the skills they need to succeed in college and life.


We are a community that cares deeply about each other, where every individual is known, valued, and treasured. The Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who share their gifts with us every day, help us explore our faith and our relationship with God. And together, we reach out to others through service projects that help us learn what it means to be a moral and spiritual person.


Since 1963, nearly 9,000 students have walked these halls and have been the heartbeat of our school. We celebrate our individuality, and we also cherish our collective mission to learn, teach, share, work, give, and grow.