School and College Counseling

Counseling and advising at Bishop Guertin begins on day one.


Starting with Freshman Orientation, our counselors work with each student from a developmental approach to form the basis of a relationship that will last for the student’s entire high school career. As counselors we are present to support, encourage, and guide students through this time of discovery and assist them with their needs, challenges, successes, and future plans. This relationship allows the counselor to assist the student in the identification of appropriate options for career and college planning.




Who says the college process has to be stressful? Not us.

We’ve developed a four-year comprehensive, college counseling model that works. With our approach, students and their families have plenty of time to plan, prepare and apply. Our track record speaks for itself. Our students work hard and as a result, we have a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate.



Freshman Year


All freshmen participate in Freshman Seminar that starts on Orientation Day in August and meets additional times throughout the school year. 


Topics covered in the seminar program are:


  • Transitioning to High School
  • Meeting with your Counselor
  • Study Skills
  • Academics/ the High School transcript
  • Academic Advising/Four year academic plans
  • Social concerns and expectations
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Mission and Charism of Bishop Guertin High School


Each student is seen by their counselor for a freshman interview by mid-October. At this time the counselor checks in with the student about their transition to high school and encourages the student to come to the Counselors to share the good news in their lives as well as to discuss academic or personal challenges. Counselors also check in with freshman students individually at the end of the school year to discuss their first year.


Counselors make a phone call to all parents of freshmen during the fall semester. The purpose is to introduce the counselor to the parents and to discuss how the transition to high school is going for both the parent and the student. This initiates the parent-counselor relationship.


All freshmen participate in the National Testing Day activities in October by taking the SAT preparatory exam. This is designed to assist students in future standardized college testing.


Sophomore Year


The sophomore student has already developed a relationship with their counselor. The sophomore interview is scheduled mid-year to review the year and the progress that has been made both academically and socially. Counselors will do a career interest inventory through Family Connection with all sophomores in February. This begins career exploration and pre-college planning. Sophomore students participate in the Alumni Career day at the end of March.


The 10th grade year can often be a turbulent time for students and families. Counselors encourage communication with parents and students as much as possible. 


Sophomores will also be participating in a Seminar Program. 


This program will discuss:


  • Sophomore year issues: driving, first job, staying on track
  • Academics and their transcript
  • Social concerns: friends, social networking, bullying
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Future Planning
  • Review of the four year academic plan
  • Counselors meet with Health Classes throughout the academic year

Sophomores also participate in National Testing Day in October by taking the PSAT.


An evening for parents to discuss the sophomore student’s developmental path is offered in late September.

Junior Year


Junior students spend a good deal of time with their counselor both in small group and individual settings. Juniors are seen in classroom settings to prepare for the PSAT and later to receive their results from National Testing Day in the fall. This becomes the springboard for group and individual meetings as they begin the college exploration process. In concert with these meetings, the College Planning Program for students and parents is held early in the second semester to explain the college exploration process. 


Students are encouraged to use the Family Connection program throughout their junior year. This supports the electronic college application process and provides an extended list of schools for consideration with the counselor. Further, Juniors are encouraged to visit their class pages to be aware of and updated on specialized programs, summer programs, college fairs, scholarship opportunities, and college open house programs. These opportunities are updated daily.


Senior Year


The start of senior year is devoted to the college search and application process. Often a confusing and stressful time, the Counseling Department works diligently through small and large groups, as well as individual meetings to assist families through this undertaking. Seniors are strongly encouraged to spend time with their counselors keeping them updated on their college search and application status early in the school year.


Seniors meet the very first day of school for a College Day consisting of an essay writing and college admission seminar as well as spending time working on their Common Application with their counselors. The College Planning Meeting for parents of senior students is scheduled early in September to assist parents with the process. 


An evening outlining the Financial Aid process will be provided for parents of seniors in early fall. Information about the FAFSA, CSS Profile, independent college financial aid forms, and scholarship opportunities will be discussed.

Academic and Personal Support


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During overwhelming times in our life, it is important to find ways to relax and cope. The Bishop Guertin Wellness Site is a place for students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings. Enjoy and take some time for yourself!


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