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BG Performs on Fox & Friends Ahead of Primaries

BEDFORD, N.H. — On the morning of Monday, January 22, members of the Bishop Guertin Marching Band and the Varsity Cheer Team made their way on two school buses from the school’s parking lot in Nashua to the Bedford Village Inn.


Once there and after disembarking from the bus, the students began to warm up to play and perform in some of the coldest conditions. It was there that they would represent the BG community to a national audience, performing on Fox & Friends just a day ahead of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.


The Cardinals endured temperatures hovering around 10 degrees for the first two hours. But cold temperatures could not hold them back from playing in and out of the show’s commercial breaks. As the sun rose and temperatures began to climb into the teens, the band and cheerleaders continued to put on a wonderful display of talent in both areas while battling the elements.


The groups were shuttled in and out of the building when they could, but always managed to put on an outstanding show when called upon by the producers.


At the end of the morning, the entire group was called in to stand with the hosts around the couch and were profusely thanked for their dedication to performing that morning.


This marked the second time that BG was invited to perform on Fox & Friends after first appearing ahead of the 2020 Primaries.