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Bishop Guertin Launches One of the Only High School ESports Teams in New England

Continuing to lead the way, Bishop Guertin has launched one of the first high school eSports teams in New England. Competing in the High School Esports League students will compete against high schools all across the country. 


"Bishop Guertin’s entrance into the competitive world of eSports is exciting,” said Michael Santos ‘82, team advisor and Director of Business and Athletic Development. “This is just another example that the school and its students offer the best to attract the best and be their best. I’m looking forward to supporting the team as it competes against other high schools throughout the nation for college scholarships. Once again, BG leads the way!”  


Taking the form of sport competition using video games, eSports has become an international phenomenon. Seeing this trend, college and universities are offering scholarships and majors in eSports, opening the door for career opportunities not thought of even five years ago. 


"I was very happy to hear that Bishop Guertin High School was interested in adopting eSports into their student activities offering and I look forward to more schools in New Hampshire doing the same," said Tim Fowler, Director of eSports for Southern New Hampshire University. “I had the opportunity to speak with some BG students about the eSports industry and college eSports competition and I'm excited to see how they do this season.”


The students on the eSports team are: 


Angelo Bernazzani ‘24

Shea Chapman ‘24

Adam Connelly ‘24

Connor Keating ‘24

Levi Leclerc ‘24

Michael McLaughlin ‘24

Marjorie Vincent ‘24

Evan Walters ‘24

Audrey Zimmerman ‘24