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BG Named Best High School in NH in 2022

NASHUA, N.H. – For the second consecutive year, Bishop Guertin has been voted “Best High School” in the Manchester Radio Group’s Best of the 603 awards.


BG claimed the Gold Award for “Best High School” in 2021 and, after another outstanding school year, retained the title in 2022. Additionally, Bishop Guertin received the Silver Award in the category “Best Private School.”


The Best of the 603 offers voters the ability to select and highlight the finest of the Granite State in a wide variety of topics. Bishop Guertin is honored to be presented with two awards in 2022, continuing the tradition of providing our students with an outstanding education.


The complete list of winners and honorees can be found HERE.



“It truly is an honor to be voted as the best High School in New Hampshire for the second straight year. Now approaching the 60th anniversary of the school’s founding, we stand gratefully on the shoulders of faculty and staff and the 9,000 alumni who came before us. Bishop Guertin High School students are given just one simple task, to change for the better, the world in which they live. Thank you to everyone who supports us in this most sacred mission.”
     - Linda Brodeur M ’78, Bishop Guertin President


“An award like this one recognizes the commitment of students, teachers, and staff, all working in service of a common mission and goal.  Every Cardinal helps to ensure that we are a community that encourages each member to challenge themselves, that appreciates the many different gifts, talents, and perspectives within the community, that represents itself with pride, that is welcoming, compassionate, and respectful to all, and that knows, values, and treasures every member.  Thanks to the actions of each member of our community to live up to our mission, we are able to celebrate this recognition.”
     - Jason Strniste, Bishop Guertin Principal


“Bishop Guertin is without a doubt deserving of this impressive title. The community’s success is rooted in a competitive, yet supportive, learning environment that challenges its participants to become their very best. Our teachers and administrators are committed to the development of their students, which has helped to establish BG’s hard-working atmosphere. The student body exemplifies support for one another through all accolades, and is united by a love for such a wonderful place.”

     - Peter Wilson ’23, Student Body President

"Bishop Guertin’s commitment to and achievement of excellence in all of its endeavors (academics, athletics, community service, etc.) truly sets the school apart. I am honored and blessed to serve as a faculty member at a school that fosters an environment and culture of respect, dignity, and resilience. I firmly believe that Fr. Andre Coindre, founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, must be satisfied and amazed that his 1820’s mission of providing a formative education for young men and women is being lived out to the fullest extent in 2022 at Bishop Guertin High School."

     - Christopher Millett, Social Studies Teacher


“Bishop Guertin is deserving of The Best High School in the State honor for the second consecutive year in a row because of many reasons. BG is the most connected community I have ever been part of in and outside the classroom. Everyone says hello to each other in the halls and supports one another on the sidelines at sporting events. The teachers at BG strive to give each student the best education day in and day out. For example, extra help is offered in every class, and each teacher will stop and help you when times get hard. Without the support of each and every administrator, nothing would be possible. Mr. Strniste and Mrs. Brodeur give their undivided attention to check on students every day. Finally, Bishop Guertin deserves this honor because even on your bad days, you will look back and realize that they are still part of your best memories.”

     - Jake Boudreau ’24


“As a freshman Literature teacher, I am always amazed by the positive transformation that has occurred in my students by the time they graduate - this is a testament to our community's collective commitment and dedication to our school's mission and to one another. Students are both nurtured and challenged to become the best versions of themselves through a rigorous curriculum and within an environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and risk-taking, empathy, and leadership. We celebrate and encourage each person's unique strengths and contributions, and we collaborate to inspire and support each other. When our students leave Bishop Guertin at the end of their four years, they are college-ready, socially-conscious young adults who are prepared to contribute their unique gifts and talents towards making our world a better place.” 
Dawn Hall, English Teacher

"This award is extremely well-deserved as BG never settles for 'good enough.' BG is always searching for ways to improve and that is evident with the amazing qualities it presents. From the strong knit community to the hard-working staff and students, BG serves as an inspiration to surrounding communities. I am proud to be a part of Bishop Guertin."

     - Tess Prunier, Student Body Vice President ’23, daughter of an ’84 and a BG teacher, sister of a ’14, ’16, ’18

Mrs. Prunier and Mr. Forrester accepted BG's honors in Manchester at the awards reception.