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Bishop Guertin High School Holds Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2021

Bishop Guertin High School held its 55th Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, June 7 for the Class of 2021. Held outside, on campus, the event highlighted the incredible accomplishments of the 195 members of this year’s graduating class. 


This year’s class valedictorian is Aya Eyceoz. She is the daughter of Tugay and Zeina Eyceoz of Nashua. Aya will be attending Princeton University. Her brother Mustafa was the Salutatorian of the Class of 2018. In her address, Aya encouraged her classmates to take risks and to listen to one another.


“Life is not safe, nor is it meant to be,” she said. “In fact, life derives its meaning from risks. Think about all the people and activities that make you happy. In order to form that relationship or start that hobby, you had to take a risk, no matter how small. ...We are about to be faced with countless obstacles, challenges and decisions. ...We have the support, education and resolution to succeed, and we must use our abilities to raise each other up and face our future obstacles together with the tools of dialogue and communication.”


Class salutatorian Geoffrey Zhang is from Nashua and is the son of Yuhong Gu and Zhihai Zhang. He will be attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. Geoffrey’s address highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on the graduating class saying, “[W]e did not let it prevent us from excelling during our senior year. We have become more resilient and perseverant together. ...COVID-19 has been a significant test for us as a grade, and we can confidently say that we stepped up to the challenge and overcame it.”


Principal Jason Strniste challenged the Class of 2021 with a simple question, 'if not you, who?'


“Throughout the year, I’ve had that saying, 'COVID Stops with a Cardinal.' Ultimately, it’s a statement of optimism about the power of individuals who make up our community. If COVID can stop with a Cardinal, what can start? Maybe compassion starts with a Cardinal, maybe critical thinking starts with a Cardinal, maybe personal responsibility starts with a Cardinal, maybe a scientific breakthrough starts with a Cardinal, maybe justice, freedom, liberty or opportunity for others starts with a Cardinal, maybe the solution to any challenge we face starts with a Cardinal. You’ll never know if you don’t start to see yourself as the subject and verb of the sentence, not the direct object. If not you, then who?”