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Meet the 2022 Valedictorian and Salutatorian



On the morning of May 6, Bishop Guertin honored members of the senior class who have achieved stellar academic benchmarks at the annual Scholar’s Breakfast. During that event, it was announced that seniors Sam Dunlay and Tamara Golosarsky were the class valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.


Both outstanding students, Dunlay and Golosarsky have been at the top of the Class of 2022 since arriving at Bishop Guertin four years ago. Now, as they prepare for the next journey in their lives, the took some time to reflect on what BG meant to them.


Sam Dunlay | Valedictorian

Hometown: Westford, MA

Previous School: World Academy

College attending in Fall 2022: Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts

Planned Area of Study: Quantitative Economics and Mathematics with a minor in Finance

How did Bishop Guertin prepare you for college: “BG taught me effective studying and time management skills and provided a challenging workload in an environment in which I was consistently held to high standards.”

Your most memorable BG experience: “I’ve had a lot, but one of the funniest happened freshman year in biology class when my friends and I stacked a huge number of textbooks together on a table to create a massive tower (it toppled!).”

Clubs and activities:

  • Chess Club

  • Gaming Club

  • Film Club

A final thought that encompasses your BG experience: “My BG experience was filled with both amazing moments and unique challenges, but I feel I’ve emerged more equipped to navigate the rest of my life and armed with some of the closest friendships I’ve ever had.”




Tamara Golosarsky | Salutatorian

Hometown: Nashua, NH

Previous school: World Academy

College attending in Fall 2022: McGill University in Montreal, Canada

Planned Area of Study: Anatomy/Cell Biology with a minor in Statistics

How did Bishop Guertin prepare you for college: “BG prepared me for higher expectations from teachers and greater volumes of homework/studying in an academic setting and taught me time management and effective study skills.”

Your most memorable BG experience: “The Student Appreciation Day of last year (2021). The cotton candy machine was my absolute favorite”

Clubs and activities:

  • Bio Olympiad Club

  • Play and Theatre

  • Medical Professionals Club

  • French Club

A final thought that encompasses your BG experience: “It was an academically challenging four years for sure, but I truly have made some of the closest connections that I think I will ever make in my life, not only among my friends, but also among my amazing teachers.”




"The Bishop Guertin faculty and staff is proud of Sam and Tamara, not only for their considerable academic talents and their incredible potential, but also for all they've contributed to our school community. We know that they will make a great impact in their future endeavors! Congratulations to both for achieving this recognition."

- Jason Strniste, Principal


The Bishop Guertin community congratulates Sam and Tamara on this amazing accomplishment and wishes them — and the entire Class of 2022 — well as they move on to their next step.